It’s my lucky day, sort of: speech

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Finally got elected to the FDTC today; it was their last chance… I wrote a speech but in the end, I didn’t need it. There were three nominations for two open seats, and one dropped out (Amanda Northrup), leaving Robert Case and me to be elected by acclamation. Amanda said she was in no hurry, she could wait. I finally appreciated that wait your turn attitude, when it was applied in my favor, and I felt a little warm and fuzzy, while still bruised from losing the tie in January. After all that, I never gave my speech, so here it is.

Hi, everyone, I’m Gwen Holbrow. I’m a long-term Democrat and activist, and during the twenty years I’ve lived in Framingham, I’ve taught at the Danforth Museum School and worked as a web editor at Wellesley College, as well as freelancing as a writer, web designer and artist. During those twenty years, I also served six years on Town Meeting, my nieghbors in Precinct 10. Last year, I ran for Board of Selectmen in hopes of unseating the non-Democrat incumbent, and I would say I had partial success, as I learned a lot, plus that incumbent is no longer an elected official in our municipal government.

Currently, I am a member of Framingham Coming Together, and a Commissioner on the Human Relations Commission. In addition to all the campaigns I’ve worked on over the years, I have spent hundreds of hours developing, building and and maintaining our new FDTC website, creating our new Mailchip email account; and updating and contributing to our Twitter account. I hope you will agree that I have earned a place in this organization, and that you will honor me with your vote to become a full member. Thank you.

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